The St Patrick's Day Parade

Brother Andre's sure knows how to celebrate St Patrick's Day!

It began with an invitation - which we accepted- for our employees to be in the famous and official Pittsburgh St Patrick's Day Parade. So, on Parade Saturday, March 11th, the Brother Andre's fam met down at the Cafe.

That day, my parents and I woke up super early - which I did not like - but it turned out to be sooo worth it! We arrived at the Cafe to see a Molly's Trolley waiting for passengers, but first we went inside and greeted everyone. I admit that seeing all my friends so pumped, woke me up, and got me excited for the day.

When it was time to go to the Parade, there were so many of us, we needed the Trolley plus two cars! Eventually, everyone was in a vehicle. 

I got to ride in the Trolley. I was really excited; I'd never ridden in a Molly's Trolley! Unfortunately, the lift was broken, errg... so, we had to improvise. Since we had my manual wheelchair (just in case we had to get out at any point during the Parade), my parents and some of the other parents helped me walk up the steps. My Dad made sure I was comfortable in my seat. Then, everything about the ride turned out to be super fun, I had a blast on the Trolley!

We had some time before the Parade started, so the Trolley was filled with the Brother Andre's crew laughing and chatting. I got to take turns sitting with different people, such as Bridgette and Emma. We took some funny pictures - further proof that we can all be really silly sometimes!

Finally, the Parade was beginning, and my Dad ended up sitting with me. (I was happy that he got to see everything as clearly as I did.) The streets were full of people who came out for this exciting event! Brother Andre's was at the very beginning of the Parade, so the whole thing was extra special for us!

Everyone on the Trolley was having a grand old time during the Parade. Shay and her Mom were yelling out the window, "Come to Brother Andre's!" They did a great job representing us and trying to spread the word. Was I yelling? Well, I did my best to be as loud as I could, but sometimes it can be hard for me to be really loud. So, I just waved and looked pretty! I had a blast sitting with my Dad and waving to everyone along the Parade route - even if, after a while, my hand did get tired.

Patrick didn't ride in the Trolley, he walked at the very front with the Parade Grand Marshal, Ray Werner. Ray is super nice! (I got a picture with him later in the day. Also- funny enough - I actually went to high school with his niece.) I'm glad Patrick got to walk at the front of the Parade, I think he had fun. Personally, I'm sooo glad I got to ride in the Trolley, but to each her or his own.

It felt like the actual Parade went by in the blink of an eye, but our ride on Molly's Trolley wasn't over until we got back to the Cafe. That is where the St Patrick's Day party took place. I didn't get to stay for the party, but I heard it was bumping- like I'm talking wall-to-wall people kind of bumping.

Being in the Parade with the Brother Andre's gang is an experience that I'll never forget! It seemed like everyone had a ball, and I'm happy for all of us! Stay tuned for more exciting events happening soon.