The Christmas Ball

Did you know that Brother Andre's has our very own event planner? Well, we do, and it's Emma! She has been planning events since she began working here, and each event has been amazing! Her most recent was The Christmas Ball on December 11th. We were all so excited.

Before the dance, Bridgette came to my house to help me get ready. We had some much-needed girl-time. Bridgette did my hair and makeup. As anyone who has done either my hair or makeup knows, it definitely can be a challenge. Despite my moving body, Bridgette did a great job.

When I got to the dance, I realized that Emma and Brother Andre's were ready! I walked into a Cafe filled with beautiful lights (stands of delicate lights hanging from the ceiling and a gloriously lit corner Christmas tree) and wonderful people from the IDD community. It was awesome to see how many people were there. The mood was set for some festive fun, but first, I had to find Emma and give her a hug... because she deserved it and because I love giving hugs to my friends.

The Music was fantastic! There was a live band. Noah Pepmyer was the lead singer along with a drummer and a guitarist. Noah is a marvelous singer; he should go on 'The Voice'. I think the live band took it to a whole other level.

The dance floor was a big, wide-open space! All of the tables were moved so that there was more room to move and groove. It was wonderful to see everyone in the IDD community come together and share so much joy and love.

I had an amazing time dancing with my friends, actually, I danced with everyone who was there! (My dancing...well, if you ask my family, they will say it's very unique. I dance with my arms and hands, moving them every which way. Sometimes, if I'm dancing in my wheelchair, I like to zoom around. This can be a fun perk of using a wheelchair.) So, I took turns dancing with everyone.  I danced with Bridgette and Joel (Bridgette's soon-to-be husband), and, actually, Joel had some great dance moves! (Watch out, Bridgette, he might show you up!) I also got to dance with Emma and Seth (Emma's boyfriend). I even got a special dance with Seth - due to Corey's 'expansive' dancing with Emma. Bold move, Corey! Thanks for the dance, Seth!

Corey and Shay were just two of the many stars of the night. Corey was busting out all his dance moves. This guy can legitimately dance; he is extraordinary! He's definitely 'King of The Moves'. Shay was being her usual cheery self and talking to everyone with whom she came in contact, and she was doing a lot of that at the dance.

Perhaps the biggest success of the night (in my opinion) is that Katie finally made it to an event. Yes, this was Katie's first event, and I'm so glad she came. Emma, Bridgette, Katie, and I got a very cute picture in front of the tree.

I am certain that everyone had a magnificent time at The Christmas Ball. I, for one, am so glad I got to dance the night away with the wonderful IDD community. Finally, Emma, Thank You so much for all the effort that you put into each of our events. You are a fantastic planner and I can't wait for your next event!