Brother Andre's employees were off for an entire month, but not without a good reason! Our Cafe was getting a major face-lift.

As you know, Brother Andre's is in the basement of Epiphany Church. As you also know, most church basements do not resemble coffee shops, and that was true for us. It has all changed. I'm excited to tell you about the renovations that were done. You are going to be blown away!

First, we got a whole new bar. Before, our bar was high, and it was difficult for wheelchair users when they were in charge of the register. Lucky for me, my wheelchair can rise, but some of the other wheelchair users don't have that feature. Now our bar is completely handicapped accessible, yayy!! The first time Michael sat behind the bar, he was all smiles. Guys, you should have seen this man's face.

Although it was always easy for me, I also really love the new bar! There's much more room, my wheelchair can fit underneath, and I don't even have to use my tray anymore!

We also have a brand-new register system; it is way more organized. Just like before, there are many different categories, like the varieties of hot and cold drinks. I'm still learning where everything is, but I'm sure everyone is learning with me. One the great things about this new system is that it communicates with Nate in the kitchen, so imagine -NO MORE YELLING!!

A very customer-friendly change is our menu wall. The delicious choices are clearly posted in white chalk. The wall is black with white framing. I love this look; it really makes the wall pop so no one can miss it!

In addition to the menu wall, new artwork hangs on the walls. These pieces represent our Catholic beliefs. I love that we can share our beliefs right on the walls of the Cafe. It's important to give glory to God. Nate and some of our employees are working on other unique art pieces. I'm excited to see how they turn out, maybe I'll even get to help.

As you enter the Cafe, we have - what I like to call - 'our employee wall'. All thirteen employees' pictures are hanging up, with drawings of things that each employee likes. We are a great bunch! Before the wall was plain white, which was a little boring to be honest. Now the wall is a pretty and perfect light blue with gold accents. (I feel like if Brother Andre's had a color that represents us, it would definitely be blue.) This change in the entrance seems perfect to me and I love to see it every time I come in the door.

A big Cafe update includes the general furniture decor. We got all new tables and chairs. The original tables were big and round, which was good for a while, but it didn't really look like a coffee shop. Now, we have tables that contribute to the Cafe concept. These new tables also affect the Cafe space. I like these smaller new tables wayy better, because- besides the look- there's also a lot more room for me to speed around in my wheelchair.

We also moved our merch to a convenient spot: right next to the counter. You might be asking yourself, "What did they do with the old merch area?"  The answer is that the space has become a cozy little reading nook. A built-in bench was constructed and it is white and deep brown. I think it looks really good! We'll add some super cute pillows AND BAM, a magnificent space.

Right next to the bench is the couch that used to be in the middle of the Cafe and a few upholstered chairs gathered together. Even though that couch isn't in the best shape, I think it's good that we kept it. Some people love to sip coffee in a cozy area, and now they have two from which to choose!

Overall, the updated Cafe is amazing. Everyone gives it a thumbs-up: employees, customers, and visiting groups. Personally, I really love this new space. If you haven't seen it, you should come down soon. Thank You to everyone who helped out during the renovations. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.