Our Wonderful Uncle Larry

At Brother Andre's, many people volunteer on a regular basis- one volunteer is a guy whom we all call 'Uncle Larry'. You might be asking why, well, Uncle Larry is Kevin and Bridgette's real-life Uncle. He is married to their Mom's sister, Aunt Janet. He is also a great guy with a big heart!

Uncle Larry grew up in Pittsburgh, very close to Kennywood. (I bet that's every little boy's dream). Even to this day, he loves that park. In fact, for his 70th birthday, he wanted his family to take him to Kennywood to celebrate. He reports that everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

Uncle Larry's immediate family is a substantial size. He's Dad to four kids: two boys and two girls. He also has 9 grandchildren. (They call him 'Pap' and, although he would have preferred 'Ninja Master', he loves spending time with them.) Speaking of family, I was wondering what it is like for Uncle Larry to be Kevin and Bridgette's Uncle and see them every week at the Cafe. He said he took one for the team! I totally agree, he sure did take one for the team! (Haha - it seems Uncle Larry and I both have some sass.)

Before Brother Andre's, Uncle Larry had another life where he worked in Banking and Security. I bet he was also good at that job because he is so thoughtful and honest. Even though he had a fine career, he much prefers retirement. He gets to play golf - a game he absolutely loves- anytime, gets to see his grandchildren often, and -as we know, Uncle Larry gets to volunteer! He has really been an amazing help here at Brother Andre's. I think he deserves brownie points for excellence in volunteering.

Uncle Larry helps wherever he is needed at the Cafe. He's good on the register, good with the coffee and cookies (of which gluten-free Peanut Butter is his overwhelming fave), and is, legitimately, our Mr. Fix-It. When something is broken - 9 times out of 10- Uncle Larry is the one to fix it. We have definitely taken advantage of his many skills.

I asked Uncle Larry a lot of good questions. I begin with wanting to know his favorite place to have visited. "Ireland because of the great people and the great food" was his answer. I've never been to Ireland, but my ancestors were Irish. Sounds like a place to add to my visit list. 

When I asked Uncle Larry with whom he would like to have lunch, he said "Jesus" right away. He's right- I can't even imagine that incredible conversation. Uncle Larry would definitely be, like all of us, fascinated and changed by what Jesus would say about anything and everything.

When it comes to movies and shows, Uncle Larry still enjoys the older ones. For example, he still likes Cheers and Bonanza. Both TV shows remind him of different times in his life.

Guess what Uncle Larry enjoys the most about Brother Andre's??! That's right, it's the employees!! What can I say, we're just sooo lovable!

Uncle Larry is one of the kindest people imaginable, who would do anything to help a brother out, especially a brother like Brother Andre's. We love you Uncle Larry, and we're so lucky to have you in our lives.

P.S. Uncle Larry, your room in the basement awaits you! (Haha- an inside joke with some sass...)