The Italian Dinner

A couple of weeks ago, on Sunday, the Feast of Christ the King, Brother Andre's held our big fundraiser. Every year in November, Move A Mountain holds an Italian Dinner (think spaghetti) at the Cafe. So, on that Sunday, many people gathered there before Mass.

During Mass, Father Chris named all of the employees and said that each one was a king or queen of something. I got to be queen of two things. One was fashion - everyone at Brother Andre's loves my shoes. Father Chris said that I was also queen of sass. I think that everyone can agree with that statement, even me.

After Mass, we all wandered back to the Cafe. Amid the Italian-Dinner tablecloths and the lights hanging from the ceiling, we all found our assigned tables. At my table sat my mom, my dad, my sister, and me, as well as my aunt and uncle. We had two extra spots at our table and since there was a waiting list for the dinner, we gave them to a couple who were there. Sharing the table was nice and my family had a great time talking with the couple.

The food was family style. The meal began with some appetizers, like cheese and crackers and some olives and meat. The dinner included salad, bread, sauce, and, of course, pasta. There was also dessert. We served some of Patrick's favorite cookies and some Buckeyes.

Once dinner was over, speeches were given. Dan Gallagher spoke about Move A Mountain and their mission, which is to support individuals with IDD in Jamaica. Dan talked about how wonderful it's been to now have the work of Move A Mountain right here in Pittsburgh.

Bridgette also spoke; she talked about the plans to renovate the Cafe. This idea makes me very excited. I think some renovations that will make this space more easily accessible for all -would be wonderful!  For example, using a wheelchair behind the counter can be difficult right now. There's not enough room to get around. It's great to think the new updates will solve that problem.

An exciting part of the evening was the Auction. Mr. Fitzgerald and Michael were the auctioneers and they did a great job. We had three items for sale: some Penguins Tickets, a painting that Danny did, and a visit from Father Chris and Patrick - they would come to your house and bake your Christmas cookies. We all know that Patrick is a fantastic baker, but I wonder if Father Chris has ANY baking skills...  Each item sold for over ten thousand dollars. I was so happy for Danny because he sold a painting for that much! I hope he's proud of himself!

At the end of the evening, we were all just milling around and talking. My family and I took some cute pictures; I like to take pictures to capture the moment. I even posted one on Brother Andre's Instagram story of my sister and me. Also, all of the Brother Andre's employees got a group picture. I really enjoyed talking to my friends and to everyone who was there. That night was really all about coming together and celebrating Brother Andre's. I believe that was EXACTLY what we did.

The Italian Dinner is a very big event every year. Brother Andre's team is so thankful for all the support that everyone has shown us. I can't believe how much we've grown in 2022,-  I mean it's incredible! Our staff is excited to see what this new year will bring. But, before that, we're going to enjoy the Christmas Season. Make sure you stop by the Cafe to see our Holiday decorations and try one of our new winter drinks. See ya soon! Merry Christmas!