Monsignor Gregory

Move A Mountain Mission in Pittsburgh is part of Mustard Seed. Mustard Seed is an organization that helps disabled children in Jamaica. Monsignor Gregory was the man who started this mission.

In 1978, in Jamaica he opened a shelter for abandoned and children with disabilities. Monsignor Gregory wanted to help in any way he could. He promised the basics, such as shelter and food. His refuge was completely filled. The Mustard Seed Community continues today. They have over 400 children, young adults and family in their care. 

Father Chris and Dan Gallagher are in charge of Move A Mountain in the Pittsburgh area and they invited Monsignor Gregory to visit Brother Andre’s. 

Monsignor Gregory interacted with the Brother Andre’s employees the same way he interacts with his own employees in Jamaica. His laugh is infectious and brought so much joy to us. 

Monsignor Gregory’s faith really shined through. His meditations and prayer life were strong and filled all of us with glory. We can’t wait til he comes see us again!