Michael Oberschelp of Brother Andre’s Cafe

Michael is one of the hardest working employees that Brother Andre’s has. He is also Patrick’s cousin.
Michael loves his dog, Dake, and plays with him every chance he gets. Michael considers Dake a great friend! 

Michael is a true Pittsburgher at heart, he never gets tired of exploring the city with his aunt. The two of them will go shopping and they’ll rent a hotel room for the night and just hang out. Michael loves these adventures.

As a huge country music fan,  he loves to rock out with his family and friends. If Michael could see any country artist 'live' he would chose Toby Keith. I hope one day that wish can come true for him.

In addition to music, Michael also likes to listen to books and to play games on the computer. He uses a computer program that reads and talks to him. 
Michael's all-time favorite game is Millionaire. Michael insists that he enjoys these computer programs because they make him think. I use similar programs and, let me tell you, they're awesome!
For some reason, Michael likes TV dinners; he also loves  Buffalo chicken and, of course ,those Brothers Andre’s famous cookies.

Michael is thrilled he gets to work at Brother Andre’s. Anyone who knows Michael knows he’s a chatterbox. He loves to talk to just about anyone who walks through Brother Andre’s door. We all love how upbeat Michael is.

One of Michael's favorite tasks is grinding coffee beans. He loves to work with his hands. Michael also enjoys packaging online orders. He has an aide that comes to work with him every Wednesday and they work on all the tasks together.

Michael Is a fantastic asset to the Brother Andre’s team and we are so happy to have him.