Meet Tim aka “Coach”

I would like to introduce you to one of our employees, Tim. Tim works at Brother Andre’s three days a week. On two of his workdays, he arrives early, sets up, and gets ready for the first customers. Lucky for us he enjoys working and rising (and shining) early.

Tim is a huge sports fan. He likes football and the Steelers, but his favorite is hockey. Tim could live on hockey alone!  He loves the Penguins and could probably remember and analyze every play of the game the very second it ends. Tim also coaches hockey; he truly enjoys being a coach and sharing his knowledge.

Landscaping is another thing Tim is into. Since he has super strength like the Hulk, he enjoys putting his strength to good use. Tim lives in Morningside and has an amazing family. He is one of 6 and has 16 nieces and nephews. That’s one big family! We all love Tim at Brother Andre’s and appreciate his work ethic and hockey knowledge.