Meet Nick!

Introducing one of our gifted employees, Nick! Nick works at Brother Andre’s one to two days a week. He is a Jack-of-all-trades. Nick does everything from barista to cashier, but baking is his favorite.

Nick is busy; in addition to Brother Andre’s, he also works at Lowes and his past job experiences include 7/11 and Giant Eagle.

Besides jobs, Nick has hobbies. One of his  favorites involves horses! He loves horses and, no surprise, horseback riding.  I totally understand - I share his appreciation of those incredible animals and I, too,  really love to ride them.

Nick also loves roller coasters and the adrenaline rush he gets from all the Loops. He says that he would ride any roller coaster- anywhere, day or night.

Nick is the second of 4, he has an older brother and a younger sister and brother. He also has a nephew, Archie, and a niece ‘on the way’. Nick is a wonderful part of Brother Andre’s and we are so lucky to know him.