Meet Morgan!

I'd like to introduce you to Morgan.

Morgan first found out about Brother Andre's through Father Chris and his family, and then she immediately fell in love with it.

At first, she and Patrick worked together, and she thought that was great. (This is a spoiler alert: Morgan is really, really into flowers. She arranges them in beautiful bouquets.) While enjoying her first job at Brother Andre's, Morgan was casually introduced to flower arranging by Christine Gallagher, Dan's wife. Right then and there, she fell in love with this art. So, Morgan has become our official, awesome flower person. (I asked Morgan to choose her favorite flower, and she admitted it would be red roses. How lovely is that?)

Morgan also has a ton of hobbies and interests, which include travel with her family and music. She and her family love to go to the ocean, especially Myrtle Beach. I bet they love taking walks on the beach and playing in the waves, I know I do. Morgan's favorite musicians are the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift. One time she even won some Taylor Swift tickets, and that sounds awesome!

Batman is Morgan's favorite superhero. When she was younger, Morgan remembers that her dad dressed up as Batman to surprise a little neighborhood kid on his birthday. That started Morgan's love for the character and the realization that she had a special dad. Our flower person also loves halloween and fall. I can definitely understand why- who doesn't like a time that includes a scary  adventure and the beauty of the season's amazing colors? Morgan still remembers going to a Pumpkin Patch with her family last fall - she had a fabulous time!

I asked Morgan where in the world she would open another Brother Andre's if she could. She said,"In Hawaii!". I think that would be awesome! I mean, we could sit on the beach with a coffee and one of Patrick's famous cookies- sounds pretty perfect.

Morgan absolutely loves working at Brother Andre's. Her favorite part is the Brother Andre's people. I totally agree with that, the people are the Best of the Best. We are so Blessed to have Morgan as part of the Brother Andre's team. We hope you'll come down to the Cafe and see her amazing flower arrangements soon!