Meet Katie

Introducing Katie: Father Chris's Assistant and Divine Mercy Parish Media Person.She began her professional journey by being interviewed by Father Chris and Dan Gallagher. When Father Chris told Katie that she was going to be involved, she was "over the moon excited". Ever since then, she's been part of the team. Katie and Father are two peas in a pod. Sometimes I don't even know whose side to be on!

Katie is the fifth of six children and grew up in Coraopolis. So, there were two girls and four boys; I can't imagine how crazy that household must have been! Katie went to Robert Morris and majored in Public Relations. I think Robert Morris is a great school, and actually, I worked in their Social Media Department for a while!

One of Katie's hobbies is traveling. She's visited many places from Lebanon to recently going to upstate New York to experience Fall at its peak. Somewhere else Katie would like to venture is Italy. (I would love to go to Italy too! Imagine if we went together!!)

Katie also loves having a not-very-often relaxing day. In the Winter, when there is snow, she likes to stay in, and eat soup, and put the unmoving-Netflix-fireplace-screen on her TV (?!?)

One more thing about Katie: she is very sassy. If I had a scale to measure sass, this girl would definitely break it! She loves to annoy me, but don't worry, I give it right back!

We love having Katie as part of our team (even if she is a sometimes trouble maker). But for real, Katie, you make everyone smile. So, the next time you're at Brother Andre's, make sure you come and talk to this wonderful person.