Meet Bridgette, our Staff Supervisor and Cafe Manager!

Introducing our staff supervisor, Bridgette - she is an Occupational Therapist. Bridgette is the twin of one of our other employees, Kevin. Originally Bridgette went to undergrad for Graphic Design, but growing up with a brother like Kevin made her really curious about OT.

Bridgette told me that she wanted to combine her passion for art and neurology. OT allows her to take her interest in both her passions and put them together to kick some butt in her field!

Bridgette loves being outside with her dog, taking walks in nature and hanging in the hammock. Besides her twin brother, Bridgette has an older brother and a younger sister. Bridgette loves Ketchikan, Alaska, and her favorite movie is Love And Basketball. I asked Bridgette how she felt about losing Match Madness. She said she was looking forward to winning next year and shoved her trash talk in my face because of my own trash talking…we’ll see about that.