Match Madness for the Win!

In March, our big fundraiser is happened:  Match Madness. This is my first year taking part and I was really excited to be there!

Each year, Move A Mountain Missions holds the same event, and this year, the day was split into two parts:  

The first part took place at the cafe. There were three teams: Wild Goose, Wild Cats, and Team Ciszek all made up of Brother Andre’s employees and one Priest captain. These Priests would then later become basketball players (more on that later)!

The teams all had their own matching hours, where they were texting and calling like crazy to try to get people to donate online. When it was my hour, I gathered with my team members to get our donating started. I was the cheerleader while the rest of my team were the texters. My sassy side came out and I was trash talking the other teams, ESPECIALLY the Wildcats. My team, Ciszek, won - we worked hard for the well-deserved win!

The second part of the event involved a basketball game where the team captain Priests played some Pittsburgh Firefighters. The game took place in the North Hills and was sold out! It was even live-streamed with radio commentary, and the Blessed Seelos Academy cheerleads performed at halftime. The Brother Andre’s staff all sat together. We were soo loud! I was showing everyone some cheers I did when I was a high school cheerleader. We yelled, but not enough because we lost!

One win during the matching hour and one loss, but overall - we kicked butt!


Thanks to everyone for supporting us that day and always - it helps us continue to do what we do at the Cafe, and to hopefully grow larger to provide more employment opportunities and incredible coffee and cookies!