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Kevin Loiselle of Brother Andre’s

Meet Kevin, one of Brother Andre’s first employees.

Kevin is a very kind person with lots of interests. He Is active in many ways. For example, he loves to work out. On Mondays and Fridays he works with a personal trainer to help him with his exercise routine. When Kevin is not with his personal trainer he likes to ride his bike around his neighborhood.

He is also very active in his community. He helps with kindergarten students at North Allegheny School District. Kevin loves to help the kids!  He works there several days a week when  he’s not at Brother Andre’s.

Kevin also loves working at Brother Andre’s. His favorite thing is helping in the kitchen and baking those delicious cookies, as well as working behind the counter as a barista. He has had the opportunity to make some new friends through Brother Andre’s. He told me that he and Patrick have become good friends through working here.

When Kevin is not working out or at one of his jobs he likes to travel and listen to music. He told me that his family owns a house in Florida. They like to go down there throughout the year and go boating and fishing. He likes to get away, especially in the winter when the Pittsburgh weather is horrible.

We are so grateful to have you Kevin as part of the team here at Brother Andre’s.