Julia's Recap of our Grand Opening!

It’s official! Brother Andre’s is now open 7 days a week. Our grand opening was on Saturday October 2 and it went very well. A lot of people show up from all around the city. Each Brother Andre’s employee had their own station. There was a big table in the back where Patrick and his mom were selling our delicious homemade cookies. A ton of people were at the table buying cookies and like always Patrick was serving them with a huge smile on his face. You could tell how happy he was! Morgan, our flower genius, was at her table arranging beautiful flowers. She loves to create different flower arrangements. She loves to use bright colors and mix the flowers all together. People were lining up at her table to look at her lovely creative designs. Personally I think Morgen really has a eye for flowers and I’m so excited to see what she comes up with next.

Danny is one of our hardest working employees. He usually serves as a barista but at our grand opening he was doing something else. His job that day was to sell merchandise. Brother Andre’s sells a variety of merchandise, such as coffee cups, candles and different clothing items. Danny worked very hard and sold a lot that day.

Michael, our most outgoing employee, sold coffee and cookie subscriptions. Michael loves to talk to people, and is a really friendly person. He will talk to anyone. Michael sold a lot of subscriptions. I think people will really enjoy getting Brother Andre’s coffee on a regular basis. Michael was the perfect person for this job because he has such a bubbly personality.

Kevin, what a delight to work with. At the opening Kevin was behind the coffee bar making drinks. He was working hard taking people’s orders. Kevin is great at talking to the public. He likes to get to know people and learn about them. Kevin is a really happy person and we are so glad that he’s part of the Brother Andre’s team.

Last but not least we have me, Julia. I’m the blog writer and at the opening I was doing interviews. I had preprogrammed questions into my speech device. Every time a person came to my table I would ask them a question. For example, one of the questions I asked was, “ how did you find out about Brother Andre’s?" Most people said that they had heard about it from the news. I also asked where people were from. I was happy to find out that people came from all over, like from Robinson, Shadyside, Northside, Etna Moon, Township and Uptown Pittsburgh. Another thing I asked was what’s your favorite type of cookie. Most people said Chocolate Chip, but someone said Oreo. It’s good to be different.

I think the grand opening was awesome. People seemed to like Brother Andre’s a lot. I’m so glad I can be a part of this team. Each employee brings something different to the table and together we make a great team. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future of Brother Andre’s can be.