Introducing Molly

I'd like to introduce you to Molly, one of our greatest employees! Molly always has a smile on her face.

At work, Molly usually does the register, and even there, customers can't get enough of her cheerful attitude. She loves to talk with people and asks lots of questions so she can get to know them. It's easy for people to love her right back! Since Molly works on Mondays and Thursdays, I have the pleasure of working with her every Monday. I love it!

Fun facts: I've known Molly's family for a very long time. I also did a therapy camp with Molly, and we went to the same High School -although at different times! Also, Molly and I both love Creative Citizens Studios, which is an amazing organization that provides Visual Art experiences to people with disabilities.

These Art classes are wonderful and are a real joy for Molly (and for me). Her favorite medium is watercolors - which is so cool. I think Molly uses them well to create her bright pieces. One of Molly's artistic goals is to participate in more Art shows. I think Molly has real potential with her Art and I can't wait to see her evolve. (Molly also does Batiking. I've never tried it, but maybe I will. I bet it's cool.)

Molly loves a lot of different things! For instance, her favorite season is Summer. I surely agree with that - Summer is a dope time! She fills the days with fun activities like bike riding and swimming. I've seen pictures of her on her bike and she looks so happy. Swimming and just floating around in the pool are also great times in Molly's Summer. (The pool is the best, especially for people like Molly and me. Whenever I'm in the pool, I feel a sense of freedom - I can move my body all around by myself. I bet Molly feels the same way.)

Another wonderful and amazing activity in Molly's Summer is going to The Woodlands. The Woodlands is a camp for people with disabilities, and Molly and I both love it. Every activity is created with us in mind. Molly, in fact, goes to several of their camps and says she'd love to be there ALL of the time.

Molly is the middle child of three girls. Her older sister is Maddi and her younger sister -who used to bring Molly to Brother Andre's each Monday - is Myah. Myah also works at Creative Citizens Studios. She is one wonderful teaching artist. I love knowing Myah as someone who visits Brother Andre's and as a teacher, and I totally recommend looking into CCS!

Recently, something really exciting happened in Molly's sweet family. Myah had a baby: the FIRST grandchild!! I am so happy for the whole family! I can't wait to see them all!

Molly is a fantastic person. I'm so grateful to know her, and now I get to work with her! We love her and consider ourselves luck to have Molly here at Brother Andre's.