Introducing Krissy

I'd like to introduce Krissy. She discovered Brother Andre's through our friend, Shay, who was her softball teammate when they were kids! Imagine!

Krissy is a hard worker who loves to chat. She works the register and, very obviously, enjoys it. Krissy is enthusiastic every minute of every day. We all get to enjoy her happy singing and outgoing personality.

Krissy's family is growing and she loves it that way! Along with Mom and Dad and two older sisters, she has one niece and three nephews, with another niece or nephew to be soon added to the mix. Krissy and family are pretty active - they bike and hike a lot. Maybe that's why her favorite season is Spring. I can totally relate to this. I, too, love being outside -even the smell of fresh grass is wonderful! Maybe Krissy can go to some outdoor concerts this Summer; she loves listening to music (especially Taylor Swift). I bet she dances at every concert. Maybe one day, we'll see her dance moves!

We have even more in common than love of outside, Krissy and I both love to travel. This Spring, Krissy went to Vegas and, Let Me Tell You, Vegas is CRAZY! I visited Vegas a couple years ago and found it to be quite an experience! Krissy also has plans to go to the Grand Canyon and Bryce National Park soon.

Since graduating from Baldwin High School (where she particularly loved the lunches), Krissy has been busy. As well as working at Brother Andre's, she volunteers at Gable Links and Meal Train every week. I think that is a great idea; Krissy is a very bubbly person, and I bet she's a great volunteer.

Krissy is a happy, wonderful person and she's good at her job. We consider ourselves fortunate to have her at Brother Andre's.