Introducing Felicia

Introducing Felicia, one of our newer employees! We stole this wonderful girl from the Red Door, and I'm so glad we did!

When Felicia first came to Brother Andre's, she felt a little out of her comfort zone. She decided to rise to the challenge, and now, she absolutely loves it and fits right in. We all love Felicia, and, since the employees are her very favorite part of Brother Andre's, we are all on the same page. I think working in a place like this brings all of us a lot of joy.

Felicia attended college at Duquesne and Pitt. After a while, she realized that college might not be for her since that kind of life is not for everyone. I think that a person's decision about college does not determine the success of her/his life. I think Felicia is pretty successful.

Felicia is considering becoming a Nun, and not just any Nun. She would like to become a Carmelite or a Poor Clare. I think she would be soo good. Felicia says that her long-term goal is to make it to Heaven. I think that is just a perfect goal for everyone.

Felicia is originally from Reading, PA, although she (like everyone) loves Pittsburgh and all the people she has met here. She is the youngest of three (something we have in common) in her amazing family. Her brother went to West Point and now lives in Georgia and her sister is here in Pittsburgh while attending Duquesne. They all see their wonderful parents often. Felicia's family sounds fantastic. Fun fact: Felicia has the same Birthday as her Dad.

Of course, this interesting Brother Andre's employee would have some unique experiences. One of Felicia's biggest accomplishments is becoming a strength athlete (like in the Olympics) who even went to the nationals. Wow! That is soo cool! Felicia insists that it is just a hobby. Now, that's one impressive hobby.

Clearly, Felicia is amazing. She is an important part of our team and always has a smile on her face. Make sure you come by the Cafe and see Felicia's smile.