Introducing: Emma!

Introducing Emma:  she is studying to be an Occupational Therapist and is currently completing her Doctoral Capstone project here at Brother Andre’s Cafe.

Emma is from Rochester, New York. She came to Pittsburgh to attend Duquesne University. Initially, Emma was majoring in Engineering but, after doing an internship in that field, she realized it wasn’t for her. Emma wanted a profession that involved lots and lots of people!

She began to consider Occupational Therapy; there was something about it that really appealed to her. The more she explored, the more Emma fell absolutely in love with this field. She believes she has learned more than she could have imagined by listening to the stories of the people with whom she works.

She discovered Brother Andre’s because she was going to Divine Mercy church with her friends. Just like me, Emma and her friends really love food, so they decided to check the cafe out. 

Right away, Emma loved Brother Andre’s and wanted to get involved. She went to her advisor and told him that she would love to work at Brother Andre’s as part of her studies, and that’s how Emma became part of the Brother Andre’s family.

Emma is a loving and kind girl with a lot of interests. She loves to hang out and do art with her friends. Emma also loves to dance so, one of her favorite games is “JustDance”. Emma’s favorite foods include pasta and, for dessert, she loved Sundaes. (Who doesn’t love ice cream?)We are so lucky to have Emma as part of the Brother Andre’s team