Employee Recognition: Ree Mitra

I’d like to introduce you to our Director of Operations, Ree. Ree had a connection to Brother Andre’s way before this cafe opened. Ree traveled to Montreal and toured where Brother Andre Besset was from. Twenty-two years later life brought him and Brother Andre back together.

Ree was working  as a roaster and manager at Crazy Mocha when he got a chance to meet with Mr. Fitzgerald and Father Chris. His company was mentoring the new cafe. When he heard the name of the cafe, Ree knew this was going to be something incredibly special. Father Chris and Mr. Fitzgerald kept asking him to be the Director and finally, he accepted - and loves it!

Ree has many hobbies such as Pool, Darts and playing cards. He also really loves music, such as Jazz, Rock and Roll, and Tom Petty - his favorite. Ree is friends with my dad, and I certainly hope he’s surviving that friendship. ;)

A while after I wrote this blog, Ree changed jobs. BUT, we still see him around and we continue to love talking with him. When you see him, be sure to say Hi and enjoy his company. Ree is a great guy.