Brother Andre's Pens Game Outing and Christmas Party

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The Brother Andre’s team just had our first outing together.  PPG arena is right next door to the coffee shop. For weeks now, many of the kind Penguins staff members have been coming into the shop and saying that we should get the staff together to attend a Penguins game.  Jack, one of the Sales executives for the Pens, helped make it happen and got enough tickets for us to go and bring family and friends with us as well. On top of that, it happened to be Faith and Family night at the arena! 

So, on Friday December 17th the Brother Andre’s crew headed to the Pens game. Everyone met at the café beforehand. There were 54 of us all together including family and friends. There was  pizza but I didn’t have any because I wanted to eat at the game.

Unfortunately when we got there it was a little confusing. Part of our group was supposed to have the handicapped seat but our tickets didn’t match up. But no need to fear!  Joe , the usher in our section, was really nice and helped us out. It turns out that a really nice man had the handicapped seats. He offered them to us.

Kevin, along with his sisters and his one sister's boyfriend sat with us. There was only room for 5 of us in the handicapped seats, so Kevin’s two sisters sat right below us. The rest of the Brother Andre’s crew was a couple sections over.

This was only my second hockey game ever. I was really excited to do something with the Brother Andre’s team. I enjoy going to different events, especially In the city. The Pens played Buffalo and won 3 to 2. One of the things that made the game more fun is my whole family was there. Both my sisters came along with my oldest sister's fiancé and some of his friends. Even though they didn’t sit with us I still got to hang out with them. Since they had standing room only tickets my mom, my dad and I were able to join them.

We were all gathered around the standing up area. Andrew, my sister's fiancé, loves hockey and we cheering really loud. My sister Sarah and I were counting how many fights there were. The fights are interesting. On the one hand they’re entertaining to watch but on the other hand I don’t think it’s very professional of the players.

The ending of the game was amazing. We were tied 2 to 2 so we had to go into overtime. How overtime works is the first team to score wins. Well what do you know?  The Penguins were the first to score! I loved that moment because everyone was on edge watching the game and when they scored the whole arena went crazy!!!!

I’m so glad The Brother Andre’s crew got to go to a Penguins game as a group. Doing things like this is fun and it gives our team time to bond!

We had a great holiday season. We were super busy and shipped a lot of merch. We are so thankful to everyone who bought our products and to anyone who received it as a present, we hope you like it!

Brother Andre’s also had its first official Christmas party this season. On Saturday December 11th the staff and their families gathered together to celebrate Christmas. There was food, games and a whole lot of fun. The Brother Andre’s team was helping with all of the activities. I played bowling with all the kids and Kevin read to them. Kevin is really good at reading to kids, because he does that a lot at his other job. Brother Andre’s first Christmas season was awesome and I can’t wait to see what this year brings. Happy New Year everyone! We are so excited to continue serving everyone and there will be much more to come in 2022!