A Great Art Show Two

If you read my recent blog about the Ketchup City Creative, you would know that there was an Art Show there to benefit The Red Door (a community shelter in Downtown). Our very own Nate organized it and had some of his own Art work in the show. 

My sister and my future brother-in-law were staying with me last weekend, and, of course we had to go. (I mean, it was a Parent-Free weekend. Whooo!) It was raining as we drove to Sharpsburg, but that didn't stop us and I'm glad! When we got there, Nate greeted us with his joyful smile. I introduced him to my sister and almost brother-in-law, and Nate showed us around.

The space was filled with creative Art. There were many different Artists, and all were local. Talent, ideas, and effort were everywhere. I loved the whole show, and I loved having time to study each work. I also got some inspiration for my own Art. It's incredible how many different and unique ways to express yourself there are. The Show was amazing.

Nate gave me one of his pieces, which was totally unexpected and super nice of him. Of course, they had the best snack...Brother Andre's cookies! We had to grab a couple to take home.

I'm so happy I got to go to this show and support Nate, The Red Door, and the Art community!