A Dinner to Honor Mike Clark

If you watch Channel 4 News, you know Mike Clark, and if you know advocates for Pittsburgh charities, you know Mike Clark. It's easy to see that he is one exceptional guy. But wait!!  Mike is also an adjunct Professor of Journalism at Duquesne University. Wow! I am even MORE impressed!

In May of this year, the Dean at Duquesne organized an evening to honor Mike - right here at Brother Andre's. First, we all attended a beautiful Mass. Afterward, I was astounded at the number of people packed into our Cafe for dinner. People  came from all over to celebrate Mike and his family. (Even some of Mike's former students came to see him. I thought that was super sweet.) There was plenty of good food and, I think, honoring Mike was very easy for everyone.

One project of Mike's that was mentioned often was the Scholarship Fund his family established in memory of his son, Matt. Tragically, Matt died in a hiking accident in the Colorado Rocky Mountains on September 28, 2019. He was a 2012 Central Catholic graduate, and the purpose of the Endowed Scholarship Fund is to support young men whose families would not otherwise be able to afford a Central Catholic education. Mike and his family are especially devoted to this project. I think this is an amazing idea -it benefits the education of young men and keeps Matt's legacy alive.

Mike has been a supporter of Brother Andre's from the beginning. He covered the opening on TV and posted updates on social media. Now he visits whenever he can. Mike's ease and kindness are always evident and extend to every single Brother Andre's employee!

During this dinner, I learned of the many charitable projects where Mike has been an active volunteer or an avid supporter. I bet I wasn't alone when I thought that he sure deserves a dinner in his honor. We are all proud to know Mike Clark and hope he never stops coming to Brother Andre's.