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We're on a Mission... and We Need Your Support!

5 items you should know when considering a donation to Brother Andre’s Cafe

  1.  Brother Andre’s Cafe is proud to be a part of  Move a Mountain Missions (MMM).  MMM is a Catholic nonprofit organization. MMM’s goal is to serve the most vulnerable.  We are a  501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN 82-3883524. All contributions are tax deductible. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for the contribution.
  2.  All donations made for Brother Andre’s Cafe to Move a Mountain Missions will only be used for Brother Andre’s Cafe expenses and needs. Any profit from the sale of Brother Andre’s Cafe merchandise and other items will also only be used for these purposes.
  3.  Our goal for Brother Andre’s is to share the gifts of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the world. We aim to do this in the most holy, prayerful and Christlike manner possible so that we may treat our employees with the love and respect they deserve. 
  4.  At the present time, the only employees of Brother Andre’s Cafe that are receiving a salary are adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 
  5.  Our employee population has many needs, so as we grow, we will need to pay for management, support staff and program expenses for our amazing employees. For example, our wish list includes adding staff who offer instruction for our employees in areas like occupational and music therapy. 

      The official registration and financial information of Move A Mountain Missions may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1(800)732-0999.  Registration does not imply endorsement.

      To make a donation, please complete the secure form below.